Drink & Drag Lounge


The Drink & Drag Lounge is like a bar and nightclub all in one establishment. It’s in the back of the shopping area on Fremont Street promenade. It’s the place that can be your only stop for the night. It even has a bowling alley. DJs mix it up with great music all night for the people on the beautiful dance floor. The drag queen shows go on throughout the night but they all mix in with what the DJs are already playing, so it doesn't stop the mood. The queens are great, decked out in their finest attire strutting their stuff. The staff, whether it’s the greeter or the bartenders, is super nice and will to service your needs. With all the fun stuff to do at Drink & Drag, you will never be sitting down bored once all night. Plus, all the drinks and games are really cheap too. The Drink & Drag Lounge is the place that will turn that frown upside down and make a crappy day into a great day.

The Strip
450 Fremont Street Suite 250
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 489-DRAG(3724)