Piranha Boutique Nightclub


The Piranha is one of the best gay nightclubs in Las Vegas. Friendly to both men and women, the experience at Piranha is always good times. Once you first walk in, you never know what to except as their beautiful small front room leads to an amazing back floor with great music and private VIP areas. The clientele is hot. Hot guys and hot girls. You will definitely sweat your troubles off on the dance floor. It’s a little small, but it works. Theme nights like “towel boy day” or “tidy whities day” always make for a fun and interesting time. The mood at Piranha is great and it’s easy to meet new people. For such a popular nightclub, drinks are pretty fairly priced. The staff is hot and very nice to everyone, and easy to work with. Music video are playing all around on the TVs. The crowd is very classy and fashionable and Piranha is the place to go if you want to be around a lot of fun and energetic people while sipping drinks and dancing on the dance floor. The venue is very clean and has bathroom attendants to help with your needs (tip them!). The Piranha is that place to go if you are a local or in town for a visit to have an amazing experience.

Paradise Fruit Loop
4633 Paradise Rd.
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 791-0100