Share Nightclub & Ultra Lounge


Just off the freeway and accessible from Chinatown, Share is the next chapter in Vegas gay nightlife. The upstairs boasts a nice bar and lounge area with an assortment of great beers and good sized mixed drinks. Free parking in the back. The circus themed nights are something already widely talked about around Vegas. The hot go-go dancers are throughout the venue. The mood is nice and so are the people. The dancers can get pretty wild as the night progresses. The drink prices can be a little steep but it’s worth it for the fun times. Share never goes too out of bounds but it’s still a great place. The crowd is mixed and eclectic. Both the upstairs and main floors are spacious with a good sized dance floor. The music is good and décor looks great. The view onto Vegas from Share is breathtaking. Share is definitely redefining gay night club culture in Las Vegas.

The Strip
4636 Wynn Rd.
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 258-2861