Snick's Place


Snick’s is a gay bar where you can just be you at without any pretense. It’s been around for five decades now established in 1976. It has a lot of character and you never know what’s going to happen during the night at Snick’s Place. It’s a place that can become your favorite spot to just hang out. It’s a tiny bar for mostly Vegas locals, but everyone is welcome to come through. Regular cheap drink prices and beer bust will never put a big hurting on your wallet while at Snick’s. The drinks are pretty heavy on the alcohol too. The bartenders are always gracious and the clientele is always great to meet some great people at. Happy hours in the evenings from 4pm-7pm then again late nights at 2am-4am. On Fridays, show off your pipes (or lack there of) with weekly Karaoke from 7pm until 11pm. Luau’s during the summer are great. Food like pizza, burgers, and chips always keep a little something in your belly while you drink. Snick’s Place is that other option for a gay bar if you don’t like the glitz of the night club life. It’s what a dive bar should be and is at Snick’s Place. The jukebox has tons of selections to keep the night going. Snick’s is like hanging out at your friend’s basement over some drinks and laughs.

1402 S. 3rd St.
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 385-9298