The Garage


If you ever had a bad experience at a gay bar, The Garage will surely change your thoughts on that idea. It’s a friendly environment for both gay and straight with a clean establishment. Shoot some pool while at The Garage or play some great tunes on their jukebox. The Garage is spacious with plenty of seating. The staff is all dressed up like they work in a garage and they look hot! It’s more of a local crowd as opposed to tourists. The drinks are cheap with specials all the time and the drinks are poured extremely stiff. A couple drinks will have you feeling alright. It's a great place to hang with your buddies and chill with the locals. The atmosphere is great and security/bouncers make you feel safe. Specials like 2-for-1 going on daily from 11am until 7pm, so it gives you a lot of time to drink cheap.

1487 E. Flamingo Rd. Ste. C
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 440-6333